FlashSwf Action Script


All Action You Can use For Action Script 1 or 2



onLoad // When Your Swf Loaded

onWindowMinimize // When Window Minimize

onWindowRestor // When Window Restor

onWindowMaximize // When Window Maximize

onWindowResize(width:Number, height:Number) // When Window Resize if setScale(true) return Percent of Scale else return  new Size of your Movie for set it

onWindowClose // When Window Close

onWindowChangeColor(Col:Color) // When Window Change Style( Col is Style Color)

Example :

onWindowChangeColor = function(colorStyle) {



onWindowClose = function() {

    trace("Close Window")



_root.message("masage"); // Show Message in Over All Window

_root.window(name:String, title:String, movieAddress:String, xDoc:Number, yDoc:Number); // Create Window And Load Movie

_parent.html(html:Boolean); // Set Html Title Window

_parent.textHtml("title Text"); // Set Text Title Window

_parent.text(font:String, bold:Boolean, size:Number, color:Color); // Set Style Title Window (if html=false)

_parent.setSize(xDoc:Number, yDoc:Number); // Set Size Window

_parent.movie("Swf Adress"); // Load Movie in Window

_parent.color(BgWindowColor:Color); // Change Window Back Grand Color

_parent.lineColor(LineColor:Color); // Change Window Line Color (Change Style)

_root.getColor() // Get Style Color

_parent.borderStyle(Visible:Boolean); // Set Window Border Style Visible

_parent.getBorderStyle(); // Get Window Border Style Visible

_parent.bringToFront(); // Window Bring to Front

_parent.startDragWindow(); // Move Window Start

_parent.stopDragWindow(); // Moving Window Stop

_parent.setScale(Enabled:Boolean); // Set Scale of Your Movie if set False Movie don't Scale Default is True

_parent.resizeEnabled(Enabled:Boolean); // Set Enabled Resizing Window Default is True

_parent.minimizeButton(Enabled:Boolean); // Set Enabled Minimize Button Default is True

_parent.maximizeButton(Enabled:Boolean); // Set Enabled Maximize Button Default is True

_parent.minimize(); // Minimize Window

_parent.maximize(); // Maximize Window

_parent.close(); // Close Window


on (rollOver) { // For Show Tooltip on Button
_root.tooltipText = "Text For Tooltipe \n Type Here";
_root.tooltipShow = true;
on (press, release, releaseOutside, rollOut, dragOver, dragOut) {
_root.tooltipShow = false;
_root.connection= Boolean // If True Connection is ON

loadingStart = Boolean  // if  False  Loading Window is Disabled and Default is True


For Load Movie

<a href="asfunction:_root.newwindow,name^Title Window^movie Address^xDoc^yDoc">Title and text</a> // Create Window And Load Movie

and You Can Use any text tag example :


<p><u><a href="http://www.flashswf.com">FlashSwf</a></u></p>

<p><font color="#339933" size="24">FlashSwf</font></p>