Without Courser


In Flash 5 to remove the courser we had to do lots of action scripts but in Flash MX it's so easy to do it.

1- Make a button.

2- Choose a Instance Name like btn_n

3- Now type this script in the actions pannel.

the_name_of_your_button.useHandCursor = false;

In this example the name of our button is btn_n. So the script should be like this.

btn_n.useHandCursor = false;

4- To enable the courser again, just type true instead of false in that action script.

Note: You can use this action script for Movie Clip Buttons too.

Note: YIf you want to remove all the hand courses for all buttons you don't have to type that action script for all button. Just use this action script.

Button.prototype.useHandCursor = false;
MovieClip.prototype.useHandCursor = false;

Maybe you want to know how to remove the hand courser in flash 5. I will leave this to you to find out. ;)

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